1. Hand Paint ART

(ADK Paint & Design)

 2. Masking Paint ART

(ADK Paint & Design)

 3. Conception Bike

(Looking & reference only)


   Art can break away from life with grow and survive independently naturally.

   Art is to take behavior of the emotion as the core, the emotion is one of the important factors of an artistic creation, but the emotion displayed by it is a beautiful emotion; Present the appearing concretely of a aesthetic feeling experience in beautiful material, form, content, skill.  It has the good artistic work forever beat up with universality.

   The Western and so-called art (Art, Latin is called Ars) ,Roughly similar to ' technology ' meaning Pay attention to many Germany then from the ancient Greek philosopher inferiorly ( Aristotle) :  art is the natural imitation , it is a kind of technology to treat and imitate naturally.